Patient Reviews

As human beings, we are not perfect.  But anyone who knows our office, knows that we are good people who care about patients.   Our doctor have cared for over 10,000 patients.  We have many happy patients.

Rachel H.  


Good service! I hv been to here for three times the result is amazing! Definitely recommend to everyone!

Ps: you can ask for Vivian, she is professional and super nice :)

Wen P.

                       3/20/2016   Updated review

This is my 2nd MeMosa review after my 6th visit. 

Dr. Angela Huang and her team are super friendly and professional. They don't hard sell their services and products. The clinic environment is clean, and the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Beauty industry is competitive. I am sure there are other clinics offer better pricing, but I totally trust Dr. Huang's professionalism and enjoy their services. I will always come back to Dr. Huang for my beauty needs.

                      1/7/2015  Previous review

I had been wanting to remove freckles for years. Luckily, I was introduced to Dr. Huang by my friend and been visited the clinic for 3 treatments. Dr. Huang and her staffs are caring and professional, and the clinic itself is clean and cozy. Although freckles are not entirely gone, most of them faded away. I received lots of compliments from friends, and I will definitely go for more treatments regularly.                   

Vivian C.


It's my first time to do the Me Laser treatment at Memosa clinic.My skin becomes cleaner ,brighter and smoother after Me Laser
Memosa clinic has professional doctors,best services and nice environment for client.It's your first choice to take good care of your skin here.

Ka C.​


Friendly & Professional place to make you look beautiful. 

I came here for Duo-laser for my long time freckle problem. My freckle got bigger & darker these few years. I was already searching for solution, been to few different surgeon consultations. Until last year, i saw the before & after pic from Jennifer on Wow Cow LA web site & really motivated me to go for a visit. Since then, i had 4 times treatment & really seen improvement of the dark spot. Dr really took time to exam & perform treatment. She gave very professional advance & won't push on selling products. Duo-Laser is a mild treatment so will take a few treatment to see the result. I'm so happy to found this place. Yes, It takes me an hour (or more) to come to this place & it;s all worth it. Thank you!

Michelle H.


I was here for laser treatment. I love the results, my skin was soft and some of the dark spots disappeared after few days. I definitely recommend this place.

Kimi C.


Clean and comfortable with a knowledgable staff. Friendly service and reasonable prices. Doctor is honest and wont tell you to do things that you dont need. I went in wanting to do multiple sessions of the memosa laser, but after closer inspection, the doctor told me that 2 sessions would be more than enough. She didnt take advantage of me and try to make some extra money off a dummy like mr.

Lakey W..


Can not say enough good things about this place
I came to get fillers and Botox with Dr. Angela and she make my face looks beautiful, she was super gentle sweet and very professional, her stuff is fantastic and super friendly, the clinic is very nice and clean.
I am so happy I found her! 
I will tell all my friends to go see Dr. Angela

Julie Z.


I've been here for laser treatment, and I love the outcome!!! Dr.Huang is very patient and professional in her work, My acne spots disappeared after the treatment, thank you Dr.Huang. The front desk, Vivian, is super friendly and knows what she's doing, she illustrated through the price and process well to me. Definitely recommend this place for skin care!

Zimin F.


This is my 2nd having ME laser and The result was great . my skin getting brighter and better.  Dr. was really patient and professional .I will keep coming for another treatment here .

Anita H.


Love this place, the staffs and Doctors here are really nice and professional, Dr. Huang really takes the time with her clients and the results show. 
I'd highly recommend coming here!!

Josephine C.


As I aged, the brown spots on my face have gotten progressively more evident. Some are freckles, which I have had since I was a little girl... But the most prominent are the brown sun spots on my cheeks. Growing up, putting on sun screen was not on the top of my priority list.... Well, I am paying for it now!!! 

BUT, there is hope!!! After several laser treatments along with micro needling treatments at MEMOSA with Dr. Huang, my skin is now looking younger and better. The dark brown spots have faded considerably!! Friends have asked me if I have make-up on, which if you know me, I don't wear makeup!! 

I would highly recommend to anyone who has ever looked at themselves in the mirror and wished that their skin looked more youthful. If you have dark age spots or sun spots, or enlarged pores, or fine lines and wrinkles, this is a great way to take away years off your face. 

Dr. Huang is kind, professional, and really knowledgable. She explains in detail each procedure so there is never any surprises! As a mom of 4, I don't have much time to waste. Dr. Huang is very respectful of my time and I am in and out of there in the most efficient manner!

I highly recommend MEMOSA!!!

Nicole Z.


My friend refer me this place, I just had a Me Laser, is was a really great and special experience! The front desk was so nice to me. The doctor Huang was also so patient and kind!

Grace J.


Love this clinic. Dr. Huang is very professional and patience. Nurses are all very friendly and helpful! They made me prettier, and they can help you too!

Tina L.


Great Dr. Very detail and showing passion.

The result of the laser dark spot remover is very effective and skin is so soft and shine only after 2 treatment.

Jenny H.


Doctor and nurses are super friendly and professional.  They always cautious patient's feeling and make sure you are comfortable with the treatments.  Highly recommend their service to people that are seeking to try the medical cosmetic treatments.

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Janice L.


Since teenager I have been battle with acne prone sensitive skin, I have been to so many different drs for help. Memosa skincare clinic has professional Dr Huang and staffs on site to answer your skin questions and help you to make your skin better.

I had a great experience with the clinic. The office is clean. dr huang and staff will have a prior consultation before they perform the laser on you. The most important part is they will pamper you with a mini facial and mask after the laser to make sure your skin is good and calm before you leave the clinic. Highly recommended ladies! For those who I have been tired and getting no result from your regular skincare. Give a Memosa a try. Your skin will start to look better and younger each day!

Julie C.


I have freckles so have tried many places before for IPL and other laser treatments to remove spots.  I've been here twice for their skin laser treatment.  I'm happy to report that this place is great!  What's to like you ask?


- the place is in a medical building.  Not a beauty spa, retail shop.   They pride themselves as medical staff.  The clinic is small and actually share the space with other doctors (OBGYN??)


- they will help you remove make up before starting the procedure.  Many places I've been to either asks you to wipe your own face or will quickly wipe your face for you with literally a tissue.  They took the time to clean my face and was gentle (as if it was a facial).  The staff here are super polite and friendly.  


- the procedure is performed by a doctor not some staff person w no medical background.  Dr. Huang asks many questions trying to make sure the procedure is good for you before performing.   During the procedure, she will let you know where she is going to laser next so you won't be surprised.  Dr is Asian so pretty experienced with doing laser for Asian skin.


- immediately after procedure, they will give you a face mask to keep your face hydrated.  They will also let you bring home some ointment in case your skin is itchy or red (free!)  as well as a special toner so your skin could be kept hydrated (also free!).  


- the BEST part? they do NOT try to sell you anything... whether it's extra service or products.  NONE!  They won't even sell you treatment package like most other places force you.  You pay for one treatment at a time so there's no financial pressure having to front a large sum of money just to come try the place.  


After the laser, you may not feel like much has happened to your skin.  Do not worry.  Your skin will begin to brighten up and will have this nice glow after several days.  Spots will lighten up.  I feel safe doing the laser.  No need to worry about skin damage or any negative consequences!

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Yvonne Y.


very good services and professional advice! it really works on acne scars and pimple

Erin R.

                      2/21/2017   Updated review

Today was the second time Dr. Yang performed my procedures.  I could not be happier.  Both times the entire staff was nothing short of extremely engaged, compassionate and caring.  Dr. Yang is the absolute epitome of perfection and his bedside manner is second to none.  I am a very nervous patient when it comes to extractions.  I hate needles even more.  He walked me through all of it, and although I had three molars extracted, the experience was really great.  They fit me in because one of the teeth was infected and getting worse, and all I can really say is the entire team is amazing.  I will never use another oral surgeon, ever!!!!  Doris who helps with the front office, authorizations, etc. is beyond great at her job!!!  Thanks guys, I am so glad it was not what I always dread these things to be :)))

                      11/12/2015  Previous review

I went to Dr. Yang as a new patient with a severely abscessed tooth underneath a four crown bridge.  He was kind enough to fit me in that day to remove the tooth and relieve my severe pain.  He was very gentle, caring, personable as well as intelligent.  He was able to make me comfortable and successfully removed the tooth.  His office is pristine, and his staff is wonderful.  Everybody made my experience perfect.  When the procedure was finished he was very patient in explaining all aftercare instructions and even provided his cell phone number should I have a problem of any sort after hours.  I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anybody who wants great care and first class treatment! 

Ryo T.


Dr. Yang is a pretty cool guy. His staff is pretty straightforward and tries to make sure everything is covered. The post procedure was painless for me, and Dr. Yang's personal cellphone number is available whenever you had any questions. Would recommend!

G H.

                      4/25/2016   Updated review​

Can't say enough nice things about Dr. Yang.  His follow up is so superb.  He calls to make sure everything went all right and addresses and concerns you might have.  My mother who is not mobile, nor verbal, is a hard patient to handle.  To make sure she is feeling ok and to make sure she is felt at ease, is out of this world.  Thank you!

                      4/21/2016  Previous review

Talk about a true professional.  Dr. Yang is so considerate and very, very nurturing.  I had to take my mother to get some oral surgery done and have her teeth extracted.  My mother is not in the best of health is paralyzed on her left side.  It is also very hard for her to keep still.  Dr. Yang and his staff had so much patience with her that she felt at ease and was able to get her teeth extracted.  I know other oral surgeons might have been less than thrilled to be working on such a patient, but Dr. Yang took his time and did not rush the procedure at all.  He is such a caring person, which shows so tremendously.  You can obviously tell he really cares about his patients.

Monica C.


Dr. Yang is my savior! I recently had a painful infection caused by an abscessed tooth, and Dr. Yang squeezed me at the end of his day to drain the infection and relieve me of my misery. He and his staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. My dental insurance recently ended, but the procedure didn't break the bank. Memosa also offers alternatives for financing. The clinic itself is very clean and well organized. During the procedure Dr. Yang did a good job of keeping me calm and explaining exactly what he would do and what I should expect thereafter. The same night of the procedure Dr. Yang personally called to ask me if I was experiencing pain and remind me of my medicine regimen. I've never had a more pleasant experience involving a dental or medical issue. Dr. Yang is wonderful and I recommend him for anyone's oral surgery needs!

Kelly B.


Dr Tony Yang is a professional who really takes the time to make his patients feel comfortable and answer all questions. After getting my wisdom teeth removed, he personally called soon after to see how I was healing. I always have lots of questions and he answered all of them and made me feel at ease. I would recommend him to friends or family who need an oral surgeon. His staff is also very friendly and professional. I never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen.

F Lyn C.

Walked into a clean office, nurses in the office are very knowledgeable and hospitable. They were pleasant to talk to. They take care of there patients. 
I was there for my brothers wisdom teeth removal, and was sitting outside. The ladies were so nice. I would definitely come back.

Liz B.


This was by far the most pleasant and pain free dental experience I have ever had! I needed to have a wisdom tooth pulled and was so nervous! Dr. Yang, his assistant and the front desk staff were so kind and friendly. Dr. Yang was so calm and professional, and his assistant even gave me a blanket when I jokingly mentioned I wished I brought my blanket and teddy bear, lol. The whole procedure was over in about 5 to 10 minutes and there was barely any pain and no swelling! I highly recommend this dental office!!!

Zachariah B.


Great work! I came in for a wisdom tooth extraction and was in and out from the operation within 10 minutes. Friendly staff and great service.

Hung H.


Dr. Tony yang was very excellent. He took his time out of the day to called me to see how things were going. if there were 10 stars I would give it to him. on the positive side his staff was very friendly

Shirley Y.


I highly recommend Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang is very patient and down to earth. He is conservative in giving opinions. He does not recommend tooth extraction unless it's necessary because once it's gone, it's gone forever.  I took my daughter in for gum infection. He immediately had X-ray taken and let me know what may be causing the infection and what our options are. We decided to extract one wisdom tooth to help that molar grow out of the surface. My daughter was extremely nervous thru the operation but Dr. Yang and his assistant were comforting, explaining to her the next procedure and what to expect. Dr. Yang is very patient oriented and accomodating. He personally follows up with the patient to make sure she's fully recovered. I highly recommend Dr. Yang!


Patrick F.


I had two wisdom teeth removed here. The staff was super friendly, it was a short wait to see the doctor, all the equipment looked brand new, and most importantly the place was insanely clean. The procedure was quick and the staff did an excellent job of following up with me to make sure everything was ok. Overall the place was great.

GotYelp L.


I have to remove my wisdom tooth and searching on Yelp. Found Dr. Tony Yang with good rating and went for a consultation. He was very professional and informative with the procedure and post-ops consequence. He was very conservative, and did not encourage to remove the mate upper wisdom tooth if it does not cause any issue. So I decided to remove just the problem one. The extraction went very well and FAST!! I was too nervous during the operation and had to request for the nitrous gas to relax a bit. It was done in 15-20 minutes. I recovered really fast. No pain at all!! I was very surprised as I heard many people experienced a severe pain post-ops. The next day I was able to eat normal, but stick with soft food and rinse my mouth regularly to avoid any food trapped in the area. 
Monica is his assistant and super sweet throughout the entire time. I highly recommended Dr. Yang if you are looking for a dental surgeon. I went for a consultation with the other surgeon with a most amount of 5 stars rating but dislike his chair-side manner and pricing was very high. Dr. Yang's quote is the most reasonable price comparing to others. 
If I ever need to remove other wisdom teeth (hope not), I will definitely be going back to Dr.Yang!

Christian H.


I been there few times for my wisdom teeth, and every time has been the best experience at a dental office! The staff is polite and you don't have to wait no more than 5min before your seen! Office is clean and modern I highly recommend it! For my other wisdom I know where to go!

Henry G.


I just did 2 extractions at dr Yangs office, It was a great experience! He's really good at what he does! The staff are really nice, dr Yang puts in lots of time for every patient. He also has a great personality! Thank you Dr Yang

John C.


I had to leave a review because the staff and Dr. Tony Yang are incredibly friendly and helpful! I had to get an extraction and Dr. Yang recommended that I take a quick x-ray because he thought he saw something that might be trouble in the future. Sure enough, I had a another cracked and impacted wisdom tooth. Now let me say that dentists and needles are my biggest fears but the staff and Dr. Yang were very friendly and everything went super smooth and I barely felt a thing! I highly recommend Dr. Yang for any dental work and like I said, the staff is very helpful and so nice!

Joel B.


I was unbelievably nervous to get my wisdom teeth removed going into the office, however the staff at this place is amazing and friendlier than I could believe. Absolutely a five star experience and I would recommend it to anybody who is afraid/nervous about dental procedures. Thanks guys!

Andrew A.


My Experience with Dr. Tony Yang and his team was memorable. I am in the Army Reserve and had to get my last two wisdom teeth removed. My previous 2 times were at different locations and set a standard of care that Dr. Yang easily surpassed. What made my visit unique was the level of care him and his team provided. Their action alone showed that your comfort was their number one priority. 
I'm not a man who is accustomed to being pampered nor catered to. But the sec. you walk through the doors, til the sec. you get in your veh. (literally) They have shown that they will go above and beyond to ensure you are well taken care of. 

My Experience (Detailed)-
The first time I entered the office I was immediate greeted by name with smiling faces. The waiting room was made for comfort. Well lit, spacious and quite. My ideal reading space. Unfortunately for me, the wait time was always under 10min. and never had the time to actually read. They also have video games and treats for the younger kids.
The staff were amazing! They always took the initiative to care for your needs to the smallest of detail. (They noticed my lips were a little chapped and immediately offered me cool Gatorade for hydration) During preparation of surgery, They made sure I was comfortable. From numbing the skin where the IV was being placed, to having a soft blanket over me. They did everything they could to ensure I was relaxed and treated well.
Any request, even unconventional ones (such as a photo) or having them make Nascar noises as your being pushed through the Hallway, was met with no hesitation. (In my defense, It was my first time on a wheel chair and was still under the effects of  surgery.)
My mother, who was my Designated driver was naturally concerned. They were able to answer any and all question and put her worries to rest with their professionalism. Which, knowing my mother, was no easy task. =) 
Dr. Yang preformed the surgery flawlessly. He is an expert and as a result, I experienced little to no pain after surgery. I'm pretty much all healed up a week later as expected and, with no complications. 
Dr. Yang and his team were outstanding. I have no complaints and should I ever need dental surgery in the future, would easily come back with no hesitation.

Joseph N.


Dr. Tony and his staff are wonderful.  They make you feel so amazingly comfortable even when you're not feeling your best.  My husband had to have emergency dental work due to a bad infection and was in horrible pain.  Immediately after seeing Dr. Tony he was on his way to recovery and feeling so much better.  We would strongly recommend him to all of our family and friends.  Thanks Dr. Tony and your amazing staff for everything!!!!

Jessica W.


I love the MeMosa Clinic and Dr. Tony Yang! :)

My wisdom teeth were highly impacted and started to cause me a lot of pain. I called and spoke with Doris and she enthusiastically scheduled me an early consultation and gave me advice on how to temporarily relieve the pain until my appointment date. My first visit at the clinic was very pleasant. The staff was friendly and the reception area was clean and the waiting time was relatively short.

Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable, caring, and gentle. His commitment to your health and overall well being is very refreshing. My surgery went smoothly and I had no issues contacting the office when I had questions about post-op recovery. I highly recommend the MeMosa Clinic, specifically Dr. Yang. He is awesome!

Amy B.


My son went in for some wisdom teeth and multiple tooth extractions about a week ago.  It required an exorbitant amount of work on Dr. Yang's part, and I could not be more pleased.  I expected the worst and could not believe how wonderful everyone was, including my son post extractions.  

Dr. Yang and staff did an amazing job and  called to check on my son and make sure he was doing well and to give me advice.  

Although I expected my son to be in a lot of pain, he complained not at all and after the first day, was able to go about his regular routine.  He carefully followed Dr. Yang's directions and only had minor pain, despite the removal of two very impacted wisdom teeth.

This is a great office and I would highly recommend it.

Hector I.


Went in for oral surgery.  Great, caring, professional staff.  Dr.  Yang is straight forward and made my visits a relaxed, tranqil experience.  Surgery went well and recovery is going great. Thank you!

Jeff W.


I came in to MeMosa clinic today for my follow up appointment for my wisdom tooth removal. I had the top and bottom of my left side removed last year and I finished up on the right side this year. Both times during the oral surgery, it didn't take too long and Doctor yang made sure that I was fine. I didn't pick the sleeping sedation option for both visits because I'm not a pussy, just the numb one was fine. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs to get their wisdom tooth removed.

Steven L.


I went to Dr. Tony Yang for wisdom tooth removal. It was fast and painless, and recovery is going smoothly.

Soungmi K.


I needed my wisdom teeth out ASAP and Dr. Yang did an amazing job with identifying what the problem was and letting me know what possible solutions there were. He took all 4 of my wisdom teeth out the next day after one check up and I didn't feel a thing. After 4-5 days my face became normal and the bleeding stopped. 

The service there is also very amazing! They really provide the best and are so friendly! One of my best "dentist" visits ever.